Ugljesa Vrcelj

Recension rEvolution

Until the emergence of the new media, primarily photography and film, the artists were the only ones with the divine privilege to create new, artificial, parallel reality to the natural one. With the emersion of the digital media, this process has greatly expanded and now it reaches its climax through the introduction of numerous gadgets cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc. All of the mentioned qualifies as a new manner of creating visual cyber reality that is becoming competition to the natural one, and even more to the classic artistic creation, as a third type of these parallel existences. Current makers of visual presentations, who Uglješa Vrcelj undoubtedly belongs to, are peer digital creators, and in some cases even leading manufacturers of what the ordinary eye or an inexperienced viewer can not perceive or see. Moreover, they give authors personalized meaning to the visible world. Today, there is a large number of actors on this scene, which is sometimes aware of its artistic potentials and goals, and sometimes not. And what does distinguish Mr. Vrcelj from this, increasing community of infected cyber world admirers and internet industry disciples?

In short, it means to be more interesting due to the imagination, faster in implementation, more creative in the production, in addition to being visually provocative. Supplementation of reality implies its upgrading and creating something that does not exist, or if it exists than expressing it in a different, suggestive and perceptively dynamic way. In this case, it is linking of the real and unreal, existing and imaginary, natural and designed. It involves a reality supplement with personal understanding of what it is and adding to that personal creative narrative that stands in its own potential field of devising new ways and means of expressing that feeling. And that needs only to emerge. What? Just that which is possible to be presented in a visually fascinating manner, as a new derivative which no one has ever reached before, as a different reality. Simply like that. One has only to decide. And Mr. Uglješa Vrcelj decided to create that reality through his own vision and with super-technologic reinterpretation resources. It is all about Idea.

Simply like that.

Jovan Despotović

Galerija Zvono, Beograd, 2011